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Welcome to the easyads Multinational S.L. Group of Companies
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easyads Multinational S.L.


“Helping High-Net-Worth Individuals and families achieve investment peace of mind in the property sector without the complexity of doing it all themselves.”

“Help us to revolutionize the property industry while simultaneously earning 600-800% return on investment.”

What is the Situation?

Due to an outdated and inefficient property valuation, sales, and marketing process, the average time to sell a property in Spain is a whopping 9 months.
Secondly the sector in Spain is overpopulated with 135,000 real estate sales agents earning some of the highest commission rates in Europe.
easyads Multinational S.L. has designed a process to shorten the sales time from 9 to 3 months and significantly increase the average number of property sales per sales agent by using new and innovative SaaS technology.
This new and efficient method means that every year, easyads Multinational S.L. is targeting to sell 1% of all property sold in Spain — Over 6,000 per year.
easyads Multinational S.L. plans to completely revolutionize the Spanish real estate sector.
However, to change the direction of an entire industry, we need your help!
As a result, we are not only offering you the chance to build a legacy and make a tangible difference in our country, we are also offering you a 600-800% return on your investment in 3 years for doing so.


This might seem like a bold claim and you may be wondering how we can deliver on this promise.
Here is the plan.
We have split our business into 90 franchises with the sole aim of controlling a 1% share of Spain’s real estate market by the end of 2023 (i.e. 6,000 units sold p.a.).
easyads Multinational S.L. will disrupt the market by disposing of the current outdated sales process and replacing it with cutting-edge SaaS technology and innovative sales and marketing techniques.
Using modern strategies, such as 360 virtual walk-through video tours and professional floor plans, our aim to reduce the current sales time of a property from 9 to 3 months.
It is not just buyers that we plan to motivate to achieve this vision but also the vendors themselves.
We offer vendors both fixed fee and commission-only options to give them full flexibility over the sale of their property and get them on the same page as our sales staff.

So, How do you Get Involved?

A minimum investment of €50,000 is required to participate.
Targeting a minimum ROI of 600% in 3 years.
As we value the security of your investment, we are looking at multiple exit strategies which include flotation, competitor buyout, or existing shareholder buybacks.
We plan to grow exponentially, and we want you to grow with us.
If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, you can do so by booking your discovery call.

Who Are We?

easyads Multinational S.L is a group of companies designed to offer all Spanish Property Buyers and Sellers an apparelled end to end Spanish Property Solution
Our CEO/Founder, Alan Tickner, is an experienced financial and property-based professional with a career spanning over 30 years in Banking, Financial Services, International Property Sales and Marketing. His various property-related businesses have sold over 1,500 properties worldwide. He has extensive knowledge in growing large service and product-related businesses and networks.
Having lived and worked in Spain for over 18 years combined with the recent advancements in SaaS technology and the availability of detailed property data, it is his passion to develop and grow one of the largest, most comprehensive, cost-effective, national real estate groups in Spain by moving the industry into the 21st century.
You can book a free, 1-hour discovery call with Alan using the following link. No hard sell, no peer pressure, just a genuine conversation about how we can help you make a large return on your investment today.


Gerry McKenna – Property Developer in the UK & Ireland
“I’ve known Alan Tickner 20 years now, and when an opportunity arose for investment, I had no hesitation to invest in him and Easyads Multinational S.L, excellent communicator, process simplified, controlled and organised and would recommend Alan and his team to anyone.”

Wayne Shemmell – Managing Director at AMO | www.amo.co.uk
“Whilst working with Alan and the team at easyads during these challenging times it has been very rewarding at how adaptable they have developed their business model. This has enabled themselves to define and challenge the estate agency market sector and promote new areas in which this sector can evolve and generate a financial gain and footprint to build a strong and market leading business. I was first introduced to Alan when I purchased a property in El Mojon and from start to finish it was a professional and friendly service that helped me arrange a mortgage, convert currency, deal with the legals and insure the property so a complete one stop solution. This smooth and seemless transaction gave me the confidence to invest into this business and bring the technology together with Alan’s business vision. I have since purchased more shares and supported the business financially and professionally. Alan reports to his investors on a monthly basis and is always available and open to ideas that will drive the business forward.”

Tony Marshall – Axarquia Local Partner | easyads Multinational franchise owner
“I attended the week-long induction training course for easyads Multinational SL in March 2021, organised and hosted by Sol James. The course content and delivery were first-class in every way – task oriented, team focused and ultimately great fun. Sol has a unique presentation style that embodies professionalism and informality but with a sharp focus on task, performance, and results. It was a pleasure to attend Sol’s course and to depart as a more rounded and informed sales professional than when I arrived.”